Tonight I tried painting the Roman side of the equation. They painted up absolutely fine, but when I was painting them I noticed that they, for some reason, had a whole more supports. These proved problematic in getting them apart. I also noticed that the horses seemed to be missing some legs. As these are new to me it will take a while to get things right. It is basically 6ml of resin and 45 minutes of time.

As you can see the units are really broken up. I will try again tomorrow and see what I can do. They work better without a base. I have ordered some flexible resin to mix in with my normal stuff. It should help a bit.

4 thoughts on “Legionary Troops

  1. They look good to me, perhaps I would imagine the Roman units to be a more uniform shape square/tortoise etc… but the figures look great to my old eyes! Love the way you’ve painted the bases by the way, has an almost map like quality that really suits them.

    When you said in the last post that the spears were less flexible I took that as a n advantage, but now it seems it’s not?

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Cheers Roger. They were originally in more uniform shapes until I snapped them getting them off the supports. The front unit are the velites, so they are more organic, the right hand bases are the celts. As for the spears, in 6mm I want flexible as they won’t snap off. As they are so thin in 2mm then they have become too brittle. The main infantry block needs 2 minutes to cure it, the spears need about 20 seconds, so they are over exposed.

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