I am what is best known as knackered. The last time I felt this tired was when my eldest was born and they didn’t sleep for 12 weeks as they had reflux… a week and a half to go until the holidays, in that time I have to interview people, have two days of training, short list with a colleague, sort out for the end of the year and generally stop the oldest kids going off the rails before leaving for secondary school, sort out end of year assessments and record keeping etc…wish me luck!

Anyway tonight I seriously could not be bothered to do much, I sliced a pile more miniatures and rescued the remaining five halberds off the printer…

So I now have a unit of twelve with attached flag waver and drummer.

I am printing off a mounted general and entourage. I shrunk my Lovecraftian zweihander down to the same size as these ones to add in as a fancy officer type. I think he will fit right in (78%) seems the right size this time.

The original test prints from last month.

So that is three full units of twelve done, a half size pike unit and some officer types… in terms of Lion Rampant, when the pike are done then I will have 20 points of a 24 point retinue.

I really doubt I will get anything done tomorrow night as I have a parent council meeting until 21.00. Luckily I will be able to do it from home as we are online. I just have to write the head teacher’s report before 19.00 tomorrow… it is always a sod trying to remember everything that I need to add.

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