Today was rather tiring. A day’s training via video conferencing… child protection training is never fun, but as a child protection trainer then it is always weird that I have to be trained in it. Yesterday I managed 9800 steps… today 4000 most of that after I got home. I managed to get some stuff done after the parent council meeting.

First off I scampered to see how the mounted Maximilian had got on… he hadn’t. The magician, the sword arm and Max himself were missing. Once again it is a bit of a mystery as to why they failed, when everything else has been working fine. As they were the first of their type printed It might have been an issue with the supports, but normally things are tested solidly before going out, so it could well be that either it was too cold and the light weight supports failed, or it could be that the build plate has gone off level again.

The only thing to print were the new officer and the lady magician (I am actually struggling with words tonight and cannot think what either are). Here they are with the flag and drummer…

They fit in nicely size wise with the others. I am busy printing a few of the Dwarves that came as part of the kickstarter. We shall see if they print okay.

I also managed to do a bit more work on the samurai…

So the amount of white on these has reduced a bit, this time each colour got a specific helmet colour, I really couldn’t be bothered messing around with half a dozen shades.

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