By small amount I mean took something off the Resin Printer! After being a total swine yesterday it did manage to successfully print the miniatures in the end…

The Lion Knight on the right had his arm rebuilt as his had failed to print

I didn’t get much done on the old hobby side, but today has been bonkers, got my daughter riding, did the pony’s hoofs, went to a new fish place and got some new fish, redesigned my wife’s office, worst bit was removing the original desk. We bought the desk really cheaply before we built the office, so the office went up around the desk. we have replace it with something 2cm (about an inch) smaller and rotated it through 90 degrees and all of a sudden the office looks twice the size.

As per normal, I don’t have any cable to finish the job. I knew I should have bought a roll of it last time I was in town. I also need a couple of sockets too, as the ones I have re-used are a bit manky.

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