So I have a Rav4 to pull the trailer and caravan, it’s brakes were sounding a bit rubbish side, so I duly put it into the garage… evidently I need all four sorting along with two handbrake cables… so I asked him how much it would cost… he said ‘it will come in under the grand…not much under’. Well as they need doing, they need doing, but Needless to say next time I will be pricing up before hand. We only put it there as it was under warranty, but as we expected brakes aren’t included.

So baked beans for tea for the next month! Anyway to cheat myself up I decided I wanted to paint something fast… so this is what I decided upon!

These are my Z range Greeks from Museum Miniatures… the lone cavalryman was a z range sample… don’t quite get that, but never mind. He is a Heavy cavalryman and the others are lights. I also have a baggage train and the ubiquitous goats too.

I will get them sprayed tomorrow and start on the painting on Wednesday. I also decided to do something different on the helmet as the cheek pieces didn’t exactly work… so this is my cardboard mock up….

I might need to fiddle around with the ear area, but the problem is that you cannot really see your own ears… I will requisition a child tomorrow to assist me.

7 thoughts on “How Much???

  1. Had an “mark 2” MR2 years back, and had a full RAC check on it before I bought it to make sure it was in tiptop condition, all OK said the RAC but could do with a service he said, OK I thought rather than do it myself I’d treat it and put it through the local Toyota garage, asking them if they see anything that needed doing let me know and I’ll get it done..,..that service cost me £1500! Never buy your dream car they say!

    Helmet and figures look good.

    Cheers Roger.

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