Well today I had a day off. Got up, went to work, was there half an hour and came home and slept until 15.00. I sat in bed from then until 19.00 and mooched online watching random YouTube videos. On the upside, I have a set of Covid home test kits at home, so I know it isn’t that.

I made it up for dinner and then sat and threw some paint on the dwarves while the kids watched Wall-E.

They look better at a distance as you can’t see the mistakes 🥴. Really just the belt buckles and some shading on the armoured bits to do and then onto the bases.

I really enjoyed doing these as it was a nice change from the 28’s of late. Because I enjoyed doing them so much I was straight onto the Pendraken website, but held off hitting fire as I suddenly remembered that I have a Mongal army to paint, a pile of fantasy samurai as well as a Plains war army too.

See I have sort of managed to not buy anything new… well apart from these which were waiting for me when I came in this morning, I must have been ill as a I totally ignored them…

Now the second one above would fit in nicely with the first set I already built… the question is do I add them all in together or have two separate bases…

10 thoughts on “Dwarves… Nearly Done

  1. Hey mate I’m back! the dwarves look pretty good, I have a lot of catching up to do but now I have retired I’ll have the time to. Oh I’m going to post some views like we did last year so stay tuned,HA HA

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      1. I came from WRG 7th edition through to DBA and DBM, HOTT came a lot later as one of the guys at the club ran a competition once a year. My Conquistadors were one year’s and my Ancient German another. These were 15mm. But I also play the men who would be king in 10mm too.


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