Tonight I decided that I needed to do something with the dwarves so off I set and actually managed to get quite a long way…

Woah, how weird is that… I randomly painted a black beard on one miniature on each base to start with..on the whole random to me means extreme right back figure on the base.

Still a bit of a way to go, but a lot further forward than yesterday. I also managed to find Mrs Lady a mount to carry her about, now I may change this as I have a couple of horses without barding, but I will see what I think when I give her a new horse to sit on.

11 thoughts on “Dwarves with Added Colour

    1. Hi Roger, these are the Pendraken Hill Dwarves, To be honest all of my 10mm stuff is Pendraken, I tend to go to irregular for 6mm. Tin Soldier or Battle Valour Games for 15’s and print my 28’s or find what I have lying about.


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