Got back late tonight so I never really had much time to get anything done. This afternoon I did manage to get a teeny bit more done on the trees. I added some more flock to the trees, both the dark and a lighter one to add some highlights….

Trees in the wild environment 😉

The next question I have for those more knowledgeable is how the flippin’ heck do I seal the flock on. Choices I have here are spray varnish or a PVA water mix. Any help greatly appreciated.

12 thoughts on “Having a night Off.

  1. Looking good, Steve! 🙂 I’d always go for sealing them with spray varnish, as long as you’re happy that they won’t turn white (which is why I’ve stopped using acrylic varnish sprays and gone back to enamel)! Even then, you might still lose some flock when you try to get them into position on the base!

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  2. Sorry mate so far behind! had to pop up country a buy a house, just what most people do on a Wednesday! I use Humbrol Acrylic varnish spray cans and I haven’t had any white problems!! now I’m worried !


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