Today I bought some brown spray paint, it was a satin finish, but for the trees I really doubt it will matter. So the four I did last night were given a spray…

From this…
To this, (the sun was going down when I took the photo… so apologies for the crap photo).

I then hunted out my hair spray and gave them a dashed good squirt and then a blast with flock. I found that there was too much liquid on them and the flock dropped off when attached to droplets. I gave the next one a spin after soaking it. This certainly helped as less plopped off.

The lighting was a bit crap in the house, but I reckon you can see the difference between attempt one and attempt two…

Not perfect, but loads better than yesterday’s version…

I will give them a blast of watered down PVA tomorrow and seal this lot in, or possibly will do the lighter flock for highlights first then onto the sealing. As you can see from the photo above the flock is very loose on the hairspray version, hardly any fell off on the spray glue…

I will have another go at making some more trees tomorrow (or start tonight) and then try again with the hairspray, another option is to retry the spray glue. One of the thing it has is this button that you turn to change the spray flow.

So Facebook has this memory thing that keeps popping up, today was a cracker from six years ago when my son was four…

We were watching a nature programme and he suddenly said..

“Why aren’t those camels blue?”

“Well camels aren’t blue.” I replied.

“Arctic camels are! Arctic camels are blue!”

“There aren’t any camels in the arctic!”

“That’s because polar bears eat them!” He replied.

“James, they cannot life in the arctic as it is too cold.”

“That’s why they are blue!” he said triumphantly .

I tried really hard. “James, camels can’t get to the arctic as the sea is in the way.”

“Well they swim there!” He pointed out.

“I really don’t think camels can swim THAT well.”

“Ahhh Daddy, but you have forgotten, camels have swim knuckles!”

At that point I gave up… we never ever worked out what Swim Knuckles are.

But this camel seems to have them…

10 thoughts on “Back with the Trees (and camels)

  1. Coming on mate ! Oh Steve you silly sod everyone down in Auss know camels have swim knuckles!!! they are known as ships of the desert and if the fall overboard they have to swim, got it!! I hope that’s helps.

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