My Tiny Farm

Tonight I managed to get the 2mm farms just about finished.

This time the buildings are stuck down so there is no going back now. The only problem is, is that there aren’t enough buildings to make the town now…

I tried them out for size on the town base. The town base now has the church/temple on it as the rest are glued elsewhere. Luckily I have another set of thirteen printed and cured. The above still needs trees etc to make it a bit more interesting.

The other thing I managed to get done this evening was to slap some paint on some 28mm Pikemen…

Still a way to go, but they are getting there. Yo be honest a lot of each miniature still to do is armour.

I got a couple of aliens printed successfully last night. I will drop a photo of them tomorrow.

Small Scale Village

So tonight I eventually got my backside into gear and got some paint onto the 2mm Italian buildings. I don’t think they are going to look too bad to be honest. I was worried that they were going to look too modern, but now that I have seen them painted then I think they will be fine.

The big building will be a temple, the other two buildings will be a mancio or a government building. I have printed off a second set so that I can have lots of buildings… some will be made into a town and others into small farms with attached fields, vineyards and olive groves.

The cavalry ‘patrolling’ the streets give the idea of the size of them. These will need the doors painting, but otherwise they are done and ready to go on bases. I would have got some more done on things but my friend and I were trying to send each other the most annoying songs… I think I beat her.

Triarii Make an Appearance

Yes the veterans have made a fashionably late appearance… probably due to trying to travel whilst kneeling

So after painting them and cutting them off their bases I tried them on the two base ideas from yesterday…

I am really finding that the velites are tricky to get off their supports. I have had to glue some of the above back together and to be honest some ended up lost on the floor.

Tomorrow I will do another six units red, then start on different scutum colours for different legions.

2mm Consideration’s

Tonight I really got down to considering what the bases for the 2mm forces would look like. Now the ‘Age of Hannibal’ has various troop types so it would make sense to base them something like this…

Velites in the front, legionaries next and the soon to be painted Triarii at the back… the problem this makes is how many of these make a legion… to me this would be a cohort, so ten of these, which is quite a few… or I go three of these to make a legion.

It is easier with barbarians as they don’t have set formations or definitive unit sizes… so the Numidian light cavalry above is sitting at 500 men.

I also tried the Romans on the 80×40 base …

Some more Velites in the foreground and the line of Triarii at the back and Voila…a legion. Talking of a legion…

The rest of the evening revolved around getting the extra supports off this lot so that I can start painting them.

I am having a bit of trouble with the Velites falling apart when I take of the supports…this is something I will have to sort out.

Nelly and the Elephants

Tonight I thoughti would crack on with the elephants. I managed to get them finished and I think they are rather cute…

This is them on an 80×40 base…here’s a different view of them…

If I base them on this size thenI am going to have light infantry in amongst them too. This wil stop the pesky Velites from scaring my pachyderms. These aren’t glued down yet, they are merely placed for effect. I have another eight without the howdah that aren’t in the photo.

Hill Fort MkII

Chief Vitalstatistix was somewhat nonplussed to hear that his rival Mykingdomforanorse had got a bigger fort than his, so he popped over to Brittania to see for himself….

My original plan was to use milliput to build the ramparts, but as I had about a litre and a half of my original modelling compound then I thiugh I would try an experiment, building them with that instead.

I increased the height of the original hill in the centre and the started using small amounts to do the ramparts.. you can see the size difference with the original one.

This one will need a bit of work once it is dry as some of the bits justlook stuck on to the base…

My plan is to add some more defences where the opening is… got to confound those Romans somehow.

It looks a bit weird in it’s raw state. Once I have got some paint on it, it may look better. If it doesn’t then it cost pence to make and about 25 minutes in terms of time.

I have decided that this thing is protected by cliffs on the sides nearest the camera. These will be painted accordingly.

I will try and get some miniatures painted tomorrow evening. I might even go for 2mm, 6mm and 28mm…I do also have a 15mm Dervish warrior undercoated too!

2mm Shenanigans

So I am back with the 2mm again. I have done a lot of slicing today. More Celts, Romans and now Hoplites.

In the past I have sliced various things together like celtic chariots and Roman cavalry. This time I have gone for factions… I did eighteen blocks of hoplites, a mix of celtic infantry and cavalry and then a whole host of Roman troops. This should make things easier to organise when I need more of a certain faction.

I also made a start on my small hill fort…

The chieftain Vitalstatistix surveys his home to be. If this works as a proof of concept then I will make a much bigger one.

And finally I got on with some painting…

Now I know the early Romans weren’t in a uniform, it makes painting them a lot easier. Once dry I will pick out other colours for the tunics. Each legion will have different coloured shields.

Well I am back to work tomorrow, I have managed to get a whole load of things done here. Today I put a new socket in, earlier in the week I got the dishwasher plumbed in. So I am heading back to work for a rest.

Hopefully we are gaming here tomorrow evening. So there might not be much painting happening.

Small Chariots etc.

Well we had a good game today, I will get it written up tomorrow… sorry but no spoilers this evening. Did Joe and I or Mr Babbage succeed? The Illustrated Gazette will reveal all tomorrow.

After plumbing in the new dishwasher today I got it installed this evening then set about painting some chariots and light infantry and cavalry.

Cavalry horses need to be a bit lighter I think as the Roman ones back left look a bit dark…

I contacted the miniature designer and he has given me all of his printer settings so I will give the Romans another bash tomorrow.

Goodbye to the Greeks

So tonight, I followed advice and mixed the two Mediterranean base ready ranges together, gave them a sieve and then got to work on the bases. That is them pretty much done apart from some tufts and some varnish (oh a one base need their shield backs painting!).

So above we have the Phalanx and skirmish line followed by the support team and last, but not least the masses of Greek cavalry!

I am really pleased with how these have come out, yeah I rushed some of them, but en masse they do look rather effective.

They did take a bit longer than I expected, but hey they got there in the end, most of my Armies sit in stasis for at least 15 years, so getting them done in 3 weeks is super speedy by comparison. I might have a break tomorrow night and finish the tower, then get a start on my mates birthday present.

I had one of those days today, when everything went right, in fact I felt good about how things were going in work and then boom, someone makes a comment and I spent the early evening feeling inexplicably angry. What is worse it had nothing to do with me as a boss… obviously I need help 😂.

Two more days until my printer arrives. I am seriously considering getting one of the flexible plates that can be retrofitted. It makes getting the prints off waaaaaaaay easier!

Until tomorrow dear reader… I might eventually get around to writing the blog post for the other site….

Greek Expeditionary Force

Well it could be a defence force… depends if I buy Indians or Persians as my next army 😉.

Here they are from an oblique angle

They certainly have come along way since I sprayed them white

Come to think of it I added the musicians and cart since this was taken.

Whilst I was waiting for the brown to dry, I had a go at the tower for the 6/10mm Armies…

Hopefully I can get some kind of basing onto the brown paint tomorrow evening.