So after yesterday’s warping weirdness, I set upon them with my good lady’s hairdryer. I blasted them on nuclear heat for a while then held them flat on a cold ceramic tile, then into the freezer for a couple of minutes to remove any residual heat.

I think it may have worked, only time will tell.

Now for the random Shetland fact… did you know more flights are cancelled in the summer months than the winter months… the reason being….

Yep, it’s the fog/low cloud (not the Goose, I know we have ninja pyromaniac starlings, but less so with the Geese… to my knowledge no goose has ever nested under a bonnet). We can often be clear, but if Orkney has it then they won’t fly as it is the emergency runway.

This is what it looks like coming in on a good day…

There are better days than others…. (Don’t watch if you are scared of flying!)

7 thoughts on “I Swore… an Update (plus random Shetland Fact)

  1. Fingers crossed that the warping sorted itself out, that pond is looking pretty cool otherwise. A hairdryer is pretty much invaluable as a hobby tool I reckon. One of the most useful tools I’ve picked up recently (for miniatures, my glorious locks see to themselves!) Aye, there’s loads of fog down in Inverness-shire this week as well, it’s been a bit of a pain trying to work with visibility down to about ten meters in the hills.

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