So tonight I made a start on the next 6mm army. Another Fantasy one again. This time a fantasy samurai army with giant serpents and lizard cavalry. I hummed and hawed about the colours to go for, but eventually decided on purple, black and gold. I am not sure why, but it seemed a good idea at the time.

The problem I found is that the purple contrast paint is a bit naff, so to give it some oomph I used the army painter purple wash to darken it a bit. You can see the difference between the ones on the left and the washed ones on the right.

Yesterday I had a mooch about to see what I could find for the 6mm Forces… quite a lot evidently!

So we have a huge irk and goblin force (left) dwarves and halflings right, with some knights behind the dwarves and then some dark elves I think. What cannot be seen are the medievals to the left of the orks. I also found some WW1 Turks… somewhere I have some Allied Forces including Arab fighters. I was going to evidently do the Middle East!

Whilst mooching I also found some more Samurai bases. I gave them a spray with the remnants of my white, only to find I had missed one out!

Luckily there was just enough left in the can to give it a spray too.

For my birthday I have ordered myself some Baccus samurai. I went for the army pack. I am also considering getting some Irregular 6mm Japanese monks with naginata, they would go nicely with the samurai army I already have.

The pond and paddy fields have remained flat, so it must have been the heat on the windowsill that caused the warping…. lesson learned there I think.

3 thoughts on “Sons of Set… Making a Start

  1. The extra ink wash really helped. Nice to see you’ve a suitably large collection of 6mm armies. WW1 middle east in 6mm sounds interesting though, be able to get a full train on the table and it not look too silly.



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