So after the failure to print them flat I spent a bit of time in 3D builder putting the bits together and then sliced it. To be fair I couldn’t get the filament to come back out so I pretty much dismantled the Bowden tube to allow me to get it out. I noticed that it pulled a bit of black out with it, so I gave it a bit of a poke. Have a look at the second photo below and see if you can guess which one was printed first (bear in mind 2kg of the peach filament have been through the printer since I used black.

Fail… (well apart from the roof)

So with a bit of trepidation I hit print and left things for an hour and 20 minutes and came back in to find…an amazing print.

I am really pleased with these. I relied on the Ender to be able to bridge gaps and it managed it flawlessly. Tomorrow I am going to do the corner sections and the gate. I really do love this range from 3DALIENWORLDS. I can’t wait to see what some if their up and coming ones are. They have quite a bit in the pipeline.

12 thoughts on “Wooden Fences

      1. Since I don’t have a 3D printer, it is exciting to see quality terrain for niche genres of wargaming. I spend a lot of time (too much really) combing the internet for terrain options like this so to see you making it so frequently and easily is impressive!

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      2. There is some really awesome stuff out there. The walls have taken a bit of work from me as they needed to be built from all of the component parts to ensure they weren’t too thin. I am trying the gate just now. Hopefully the printer can manage a couple of overhanging bits. But if it goes wrong I print another one with support. I will have lost an hours print time and pennies worth of filament.

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      3. So it isn’t just a matter of hitting print then! I think there is a bit more skill involved than you’re giving yourself credit for and I will be looking forward to seeing what else you print and paint as part of this project.

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