Eventually I managed to make a start on painting the buildings.

Base layer going on

Still a long way to go on these but it is good to actually get a layer of paint on these.

I do like these files and as such I would recommend this company to anyone. Printing them at half size has caused me a few problems but nothing too bad.

I spent an age swearing at 3D builder this morning as it wasn’t playing.. it was putting the various bits all over the place. Eventually it dawned on me that I could reset them all to 0.0 instead of 4532 x 5432 or whatever ridiculous place it was.

I eventually got the corner pieces put together. For some reason it didn’t increase the height of the base and is still sitting at 1.5mm. This causes a headache getting it off the base plate. So to try and help I put down some blue painters tape. Tomorrow I will get it back up on 3D builder and increase the height again. You can see the damaged base on the right hand corner below.

These are the wooden fences, I can’t wait to try the stone ones. Now I am going to have to do some research and see if these fences should all have a tiled roof.

I have got eight (I think) straights and only two corners. Tomorrow I give the gate a go. The plan is to have the large farmhouse in a compound with the well and then the smaller buildings in a small hamlet or two. Luckily I found my EPVC to base them on. It is 5mm thick so very rigid. I have some 3mm too which I will have to give a go too.

Sadly I got a new game for the Console… loving it! Predator Hunting Grounds is awesome. It’s a fire team of four versus a single predator and lots of AI guerrillas too. The fire team has various missions in the 15 minutes the game lasts then the have to get to the chopper for extraction. The predator’s job is to make sure they don’t escape. It is great fun…

The down side is that everyone wants to play a predator! This means it takes ages to get onto the game… on the upside I can keep adding bits to my blog 😉 30 seconds to go….I am off to hunt some mercs!….and emmmmmmm. I evidently ran into Dutch as I didn’t make it 😂

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