Today I tried to get the support off the giant magic toad and it was a nightmare! In the end I gave up as somehow I had clicked on add the supports everywhere…Doh! Wasted 9 hours of print time.

I have decided to redo him at 200% instead of the 150% that I had done before. This time I am printing it at a 45 degree angle, with supports only touching the build plate. It is a 14 hour print so we shall see how it gets on overnight. As with previously, I will crank the nozzle temperature up as it goes on.

I also decided to do a quick print (well 4 hours plus!) of the Leech Queen. The last time I printed her she had a lot of fracture lines right up the body, similar to the Big Beasty. The one below was glued back together in lots of places.

This time I set the temperature at 220 and I got a perfect print.

Mess on the left, fab in the right

I will need to hide the joint where the head and body connect, but I am really pleased with it. I have had this one for ages, but I had a quick check and it came from Black Scrolls Games.

The Giant magic toad should be ready by breakfast time tomorrow. I hope to get some painting done in a bit too.

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