So I a achieved nothing this evening… had to pick my daughter up from Youth Theatre and then had to try and untangle the work from today so that I could plan for tomorrow.

So with one thing and another the best I managed was the spray this chap for my daughter who wanted to paint a big dinosaur to match in with mine. Once again it has some really nice detailing on it. This is not an expensive Scheich one, but a cheap Chinese one with a date stamp of 1991. It does have some mould lines, which I forgot to remove. She may have words with me!

A thought has just struck me… were there albino dinosaurs? Or is albinism a relatively new thing? We will never know, but it is an interesting thought nonetheless.

The other bit of excitement from today was that my son was sent home from school with a very high temperature and a cough. So a lot of phoning to doctors etc. He is looking a lot better tonight. We think it is just a cold/cough. The other amazing thing is that the next two fire festivals have been cancelled. The South Mainland One is second only to Lerwick so for that to be cancelled and not just postponed is quite a big thing. So well done to them for following advice from the NHS. Two people who were on a birthday bus that visited most of the hostelry’s on Shetland have tested positive for the virus… whoops!

8 thoughts on “A White Triceratops

  1. I just love your daughters lizard, maybe its related to mine,not sure of mines pedigree as it was on the reject shelf, I’m not sure how to paint it so I’ll be interested how your daughters comes out. Oh If you haven’t heard, Australians have totally lost it and are hoarding toilet paper of all things because of this virus, please don’t ask me why, we as a nation have really gone weird!

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  2. Nice dinosaur. I’m not an authority on such things, but as I understand skin impression are pretty rare with fossils. I wonder with technology being what it is now if there is some way of telling about the albino thing? In the realm of the imagination I don’t see why there can’t be and also, perhaps the albino ones are special and are known for their spellcasting and particularly divination abilities? Maybe they were persecuted toward the end because they kept talking about a Coming Doom and no one wanted to hear it? 🙂 There’s albino just about everything else (not sure about bugs) so why not dinosaurs?

    Your triceratops makes me want to pick up a cheap kit and instead of having my D&D people fight a dragon, when they become more powerful, have them fight a spellcasting, fire breathing stegosaurus!

    Hope your son feels better soon.


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