So today I went into the bottom of the big shed looking for something. When I moved a box of some 6mm stuff it sloshed… not the normal sound one would associate with 6mm miniatures in cardboard boxes.

Fantasy miniatures with what looks like mist forming in the corner!

All in all it looks like I am going to have to rescue some miniatures shortly… I really don’t know how I am going to store these now. I have had the rosin boxes for around 30 years 😂.

The word ‘Bugger’ springs to mind! Not a great dice roll either!

It’s getting on a bit now so I think I will get this lot sorted and paint something tomorrow evening.

An update…. they are all out of the besogged boxes and sitting there attempting to dry.

I found some more after the above was taken. The dwarves have joined them on the drying plank. These are pretty much all fantasy apart from the pile on the right. I now know where my WW1 Turks ended up! I never did finish them. I reckon I should sometime as I must have had these 30 years or so. From having a quick look I think they are all Irregular Miniatures.

I evidently had two phases of painting when I did 6mm…

The taking the time approach!

The above was evidently when I took my time. The other option was when I just threw some paint on and called them done! As I have a few unpainted Fantasy armies , I am now wondering how Contrast would work???

10 thoughts on “There Might Have been a Leak!

  1. Glad to hear the minis are okay! You must have quite the impressive collection as that is a healthy amount of minis and I know from your current projects you have quite a few more than that 🙂

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  2. Oh shit Steve I’m so depressed!! the old cardboard ones are not well ! shit mate I was brought up on them F>>>plastic , and lets face it ,they are only 30 years old! no mate try really hard to breath life back into them, remember summer is coming and they will rejoice in the warm spring, trust me Steve they will reward you with all those beautiful memories. if that’s not enough ,think of what Greta would say !

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