Today myself and the small (my two youngest) went to Mareel to watch Home Alone on the big screen, they loved it. The actual high point for me was when a small child legged it onto the stage and ran backwards and forwards avoiding the angry parent 😂

After that we went to the club and the people that said they wanted to play Aliens failed to show so my youngest and I had a game. He ran the squad of Marines and I played the Xenomorphs. He managed to rescue all five scientists and escape the ship before the reactor went critical. He also managed to take out 15 of my nasties without losing a single man.

So onto home and as it is my school Christmas play tomorrow I needed to bake.

Flapjacks and Rocky Roads should show willing. I also remembered a raffle prize and flowers for the two people who helped me and the kids with it.

Today was photo competition day at the Sunday club, I wasn’t going to bother as in all honesty I paint for me, but a few people persuaded me to enter stuff. One set of Sci fi and a sci fi single…

One set of fantasy and a single

I entered to show willing. Not sure what the voting is like and when, but I will keep you posted.

Won’t have much time to do anything tomorrow as ai probably won’t be in until gone 10pm. But I might throw some paint on Harry or Ron to help my daughter out.

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