My daughter and I had a bash at making a Start on the Harry Potter Miniatures.

Somehow I had to do Hermione and she had a couple of Death Eaters. It’s a pretty naff photo but they have a dark purple top and will all have black cloaks. The Contrast paint is ideal fit her as she is able to get stuff painted and shaded all in one go. I decided to add white to the grey undercoat on the Baddies to add a highlight to the black cloaks.

I also had a quick test on a Hussar horse. The blue has helped me as I have now decided on colours for them…

Uniform jacket will be the same as the saddle cloth with the pelise likewise. I will probably go black fur on it too. Shako will be black with a blue top. I was thinking grey breeches with black boots.

Tomorrow Morning I evidently have to paint Ron and Harry, all before 11.00 am. Taking the youngest two to see the original home alone film tomorrow and then off to the club to play Aliens.

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