Not much done this evening as the family were painting the advent calendar.

As for the commandos I managed to get the bases washed and the base colour dry brushed on.

I repainted the white bits, ready for painting tomorrow.

I thought I would share the original miniatures I painted a couple of years ago.

First up the marines… I added the chunky metal floor. I can certainly say that my painting has improved a bit since then.

Next up a Predator and prey

And finally a few of the fifteen first edition aliens…

I added bits and pieces to the bases with Greenstuff as well as adding on the grating.

The new one piece casts are sooooo much better. The aliens above were painted black then highlighted dark blue. I can honestly say that I prefer the paint job on the new ones.

I am now on the hunt for some unicast marines 😂

So tomorrow I will attempt to get the bases completed. I Just found my Lost Patrol game with Marine scouts and genestealers… I might have a blast at them (especially as I have purple 😉… I could do with some pink too 🤔).

We shall see where my paintbrush leads…

I watched this today on Squidmar miniatures…

Something I firmly believe in, and funnily enough was just discussing this very thing the other day…

Here is the little cartoon in the video… something I shared a while ago on Facebook…

till tomorrow…

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