Well as a I was cracking on with the Aztecs I thought I would have a mooch at what was left in the Aztec box…

The word ‘Bum’ or possibly something more expletive ushered from my lips…

So there are about 60 conquistadors to paint and roughly 20 packets of 8 miniatures so another 160 Aztecs. Problem with the Aztecs is that they are tiny compared to the Tin soldier ones… I got these before the Tin soldier ones as the local club were going to run a Conquistador campaign which never got off the ground. To be honest I think I will get rid of them as they will never get done, not helped by the fact that I am negotiating getting 16 Scalian Cavalry tomorrow.

I didn’t get a whole lot done on the Aztecs this evening apart from painting designs on the shields. Some of them are copied from the codices and others are made from my head!

I also repainted the peasant shields a grey colour.

I was going to paint all the embellishments on the suits gold, however on reading up a bit more they preferred jade to gold so I may change my mind… first I have to find out what shade of green jade is!

6 thoughts on “Aztecs, Conquistadors and a box of woe

  1. Those Aztecs are really coming on a treat – I do like them! I have feeling jade is a lighter, paler shade, but I’m not certain (we have a jade cat figurine somewhere)! And we all have a box of woe, we just don’t all admit to the extent of it! 🙂

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    1. Cheers, the shield designs are a mixture. I took some from the Mendoza and other codices, but painted them a single colour. The peasant shields are meant to be an off white with a blue border, but they looked like I hadn’t finished them. The ones that were mine were inspired by bits of other shields or simply what looked nice. The most complex were the ones on the Cuachic. This again came from a Codex, but I could only be bothered to do the one of them.

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