I eventually got round to going out to the shed to get my pot of GW Abbadon Black… I swore, but more of that in a minute. I needed the black to paint the hair and obsidian shards of the warriors which I managed to do tonight.

There is certainly less white showing on these now. I need to put the pupils in on the suit wearers helmets and the gold/jade accouterments. The arrows on the archers and the slings on the slingers, but there isn’t really that much left to do apart from the bases. sadly I didn’t get them finished, but it was a self imposed deadline so it isn’t really a biggy.

As for the black… I can honestly say I detest with a vengeance the GW paint pots, I really liked their old pots as they sealed nicely and the paint stayed wet…. to prove a point, I am still using the hex pots and the round ones from before that.

Anyway out to the shed I skipped to get my pot of black and it had fallen over….

The nice black shape is the paint from within the pot, nice and dry, luckily it was in its own little compartment so it only affected the black pot. No matter how careful you are, the seal just won’t stay clean, yeah I know I could attack the pot with a baby wipe after each session to clean it up, last time I did that I was cleaning paint off the furniture as well as the pot. The above is my second or possibly third pot of Abbadon black, the Sunburst yellow is my first and only one. To be fair the temperatures in the shed were hitting 30 C so perhaps the liquid expanded a bit and cracked the seal, I had a brown in a similar state (but much less escaped).

Talking of paint… As I had run out of (or near as dammit run out of) white spray paint I popped into my auto shop to get some more, a snip at £4.99 for 500ml. Gw is £10.49 for 400ml so a bargain in anyone’s money. It was then that the chap said it was buy two get one free, so for under a tenner I got three spray cans to keep me out of mischief for a while.

These cans work really well, if the temperature is down I warm them up a bit first, but to be honestI have been using them for a year and have had no problems. I get four colours, white, black, grey and a red colour.

Hopefully the first day in the new job won’t be too bonkers and I will get the Aztecs finished tomorrow. I picked up sixteen Scalian cavalry today and they be next on the list. Probably the Conquistadors after that.

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