I sadly didn’t get these finished today, but I did make some progress on them. After buying some green, I decided to leave the feathers yellow. Still a very long way to go, but getting there. Still need to do the various shield designs amongst other things.

I took my unopened pot of red back and swapped it for the green, I also got the really bright blue and for some reason known only to myself a pot of orange. What makes it worse is that it is exactly (or near as dammit) as the orange I mixed for the Cuachic veterans – you can see them 4th row back – spot the difference in the shades of orange!

I am thinking about doing the shield rims in an off white colour as I do quite like the contrast with the field colour. The advantage is that I can then use a contrast colour to change it as required.

I will see how far I get tomorrow.

On the job front I can now officially resign from my current position and take up the role of head teacher (principal) as my disclosure documents arrived today. I am officially squeaky clean, well apart from my one and only speeding ticket.

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