Just before midnight on an overcast night and this is how dark it is…

The IPad doesn’t do it justice to just how light it still is. We still haven’t hit the longest day yet and it is still possible to read a printed page outdoors in the natural light. Up here they call it the ‘simmer dim’ or to anglicise it.. the ‘summer dim’.

I haven’t been on my blog much which is a bit annoying, the new job is great but I am putting in 10 hours a day at least and tonight I managed to get away at 18.45 after an 08.00 start. So much for teachers starting at 9 and finishing at 3.

I have managed a teeny amount of hobby time, I got a bit more done on my Fleet Rescue Troopers and also managed to put the metal bugs together.

They did not want to be glued, so in the end it was down to the Superglue and bicarbonate…

I am going to try to get them sprayed tomorrow. I was considering painting them mainly in inks, but I shall have a ponder and see what I come up with.

Hopefully I will get caught up with the backlog of followed blogs and get to see what people have been up to.

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