Hello lovely people, long time no see… the job front hasn’t settled down any put in a couple of 11 hour days lately, but tonight I rebelled and left at 17.00. We’ll okay to be honest the only person keeping me there is myself. I am doing things in work rather than bringing things home. My main bugbear is finding supply cover, they are elusive beasts the supply teacher, especially in a secondary department on a small island… (which I found out today has 11000 occupied dwellings) 7 Secondary schools chasing one maths teacher. I have been coming home and basically flopping for the evening, but tonight I decided I would get some painting done.

I started on the rescue vessel, got some paint onto that.

I would like some transfers, so might have to have a shot at the transfer paper and see what I can come up with. I decided to make it bright as it is a rescue boat, one day I might actually get round to finishing the designs for the combat ship.

One another front, my 3D printer hasn’t been on since I started this job. I have got so much to print (the last things were the worm/leech things)

I also got some more bits done on the troopers….

Finally In my slob state in the evenings I have been playing Ark on the console and it suddenly dawned on me I had a nice reference for skin tone….

I can never work out where to place the highlights, but I think the above might help…. not that I will be painting any topless blokes anytime soon.

I am going to try to get back into painting at least 30 minutes a day and getting something on my blog more regularly too.

The bugs I built are now sprayed white as I want them to be bright… question is do I do down the speed paint by using a wash (or layers of washes) or do I go for a proper paint job, or yet again try some of that new GW paint… only time will tell.

Till next time (which hopefully won’t be too long).

4 thoughts on “Fleet Rescue… Some Progress

  1. Nice to see you’ve had a chance to do some bits and pieces! I’d go with speed painting if time’s tight – I do that now and accept the fact that, from a couple of feet away on a wargames table, it makes no difference! I’ve learnt to live with it, even if the bottom line is that I’ve dropped my standards! 🙂


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