Yep another hardly noticeable amount done on the Light Infantry.

Not that you can tell from this photo anyway. But to be honest when you hold them up to the light the highlights on the armour are in fact now visible, I reckon another going over tomorrow with the same colour and then they will be almost visible to the naked eye.

The plasma bug got a couple of thin coats of white to allow the blue to show up better. It might have been better if I hadn’t done it with a size 0 brush. Took bloody ages!

Oh and congratulations are in order as I have evidently just become a grandfather which is a bit concerning as my middle child is only 10, but her baby ‘tiny’ arrived at 18.40 today. He/she weighs very little and arrived after around 10 hours of pushing.

No siblings have appeared yet, nor are their any indications that any are on their way.

Next year I want to leave it to the hen, as it was a very stressful for all humans involved.

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