Ye gods I am Knackered…. so only a little bit done on my Troopers tonight.

They are slowly getting there. I highlighted all of the armour, not that you can really tell. Luckily I opened up my wet palette so the mixed paint should still be good tomorrow.

I also repainted the medic’s armour white in places. I know it isn’t cannon to either the book or the films/series but hey they are my figures and it kind of works.

Tonight I also had a mooch about my Humble bundle downloads… somehow I nearly ended up with a 7 and a half hour print of a Carthaginian war elephant. It was more to see if the printer could manage it as it seemed it wouldn’t print without supports. Luckily common sense prevailed (as I don’t have any ancients and at least no Carthaginian forces) so it went back into the downloads.

The one thing I should try is my fighter bomber I found on Thingiverse… it will make a nice TAC fighter for the ST world.

Strange Fact… that probably everyone knows… Starship Troopers was originally going to be called Bug Attack on Outpost Nine (or something like that). The director had never read the book and was advised to do so, and thus Starship Troopers was born.

Tomorrow we are going to carry on play testing my mates new RPG… some how I don’t think our characters will make it out alive.

3 thoughts on “Light Infantry… a smidge more done

  1. Nice to see a bit of progress. I wouldn’t worry about the medic being in white- I don’t think the bugs would target him especially because he stood out… It has not been my impression that they work like that.



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  2. Even half an hour a day mounts up to a lot over time! Sadly, I painted some bits on figures last night to keep meself awake – I’d have been asleep after 10 minutes if I’d decided to read!


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