I managed another half hour tonight, I used to manage a couple of hours straight, but right now I can just about manage half an hour painting. My wet palette has been really useful as it allows me to do the half hour, close the lid and come back to it in @ day or two.

Anyway I mixed up a batch of dark blue and black at a ratio of about 1:1. This is the base colour for my packs and weapons. I am getting there with these but they seem to be taking their time.

Part of this is the 30 minutes a night and Zi think the other part is that I am trying to do more shading and highlighting.

I did a day’s teaching in one of our smaller schools today and snapped a view from my commute home. The photo was a panorama, but is all squashed up on here… still not a bad view. It was a bit rushed as I was avoiding the heavy hail showers.

Tiny is doing well, still the only one to hatch but has grasped the intricacies of eating and drinking. I am hoping that he/she will get some chums soon…

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