Totally stunned to realise that my little old blog here has passed the 2000 visitor mark last night.

I am honestly blown away and want to say thank you to everyone that has popped by either to have a look at what madness I am up to or to leave a comment. I really do appreciate it.

My blog started to motivate myself into getting back into painting minis or making terrain. the problem was that I had been dancing with the black dog a fair bit and the painting and crafting was my way of coping I suppose.

The blog was to self motivate. I wanted to add something every night and if I painted a mini or made a piece of terrain then I would feel like I had made an achievement.  That was the plan, I never actually thought anyone would actually read it, so I was totally wrong there.  As an offshoot of the blog I have been able to look back and realise how much I have managed to achieve since September 2017 (90% still need their bases finishing and a coat of varnish put on them). The other offshoot of it is I have joined a really positive community of like-minded people. I only wish my internet speed was faster so that I could look at the pictures more.

As for the dog, well he is out there somewhere chasing sticks, I can hear him barking every so often and he may come back, who knows but at least I have a big pile of sticks now for him to chase.

So thank you, everyone, for coming and visiting and following. I fully intend to keep going with the blog; so see where I can get to in another year.

I reckon the 3D printer might have to have its own page as I am printing something random almost every night (last night was an 18mm scale Viking house).




7 thoughts on “Woah, ZoiKs and Flippin Heck

  1. Congratulations mate. Hard to imagine when first starting out but the truth is there are like minded people out there who are interested in the niche area of figure painting, modelling and gaming. Add interesting and regular content and away you go!

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  2. Have to agree with TIM (sorry, it won’t happen again)! Well done with the painting and the blogging. For some reason, I’d stopped getting e-mails about your posts but that’s hopefully sorted and I’ll try and get caught up bit. I’ll be interested to see what you get printed!

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  3. I couldn’t agree more with your sediments. I started my blog over four years ago when I was laid off from my last job. It was a way for me to to get over depression and to try my hand a writing. While I failed at the writing, it has helped to keep my mind active while my actives and blogging have changed over the years, I do enjoy the new found friends here on WordPress.

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  4. Congratulations mate! Don’t be put off by putting the 3d print stuff up on here – it’s all hobby, and it’s quite interesting for me (and I’m sure some others) who haven’t taken the plunge yet!


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