Well when I say almost done I actually mean the first unit is almost done.

Just the skin and hair to do, along with tidying up and a bit more highlights. Not quite sure where the zoomed in image went, but this one will do. I have stopped hating these now, I still don’t like the barding but, it will have to do 😬

As I had the brown paint out for the bases I gave this chap his first undercoat. I say first as I intend to give him two to hide the printer lines. They can really be seen on the following photograph

To be fair though I reckon I could tweak the printer settings to eradicate these a bit more. This was a test print to see how it went. But I suppose to look at it another way it weighs 4 Grams and at 0.018p per gram then it cost pence… and when looked at from this distance…

The lines are a lot less noticeable. I can tell who he is and that he is armed with a bow. So to be honest I am not going to worry about it that much. I will try another print sometime in the future with the Fat Dragon miniature settings dialled into the printer.

Tomorrow I hope to finish off the cavalry. There will be a short hiatus with the infantry as my 40×20 bases need to arrive.

3 thoughts on “Neglected Miniatures…Almost Done…

      1. I just brush it on. Then clean the brush with cellulose thinners. I’d go for the 1200 grade stuff. You can get it in a spray can too but I’ve not tried that stuff yet.




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