Nearly there with these…

Birthday tea and people packing meant I didn’t get as far on as I would have liked. To be honest they are nearly there… a bright silver edge to the swords and bayonets and another layer of the brighter green and red as the layers I put on earlier are all but gone.

This is the command group for the werewolves…

One of these days, I am actually going to have to properly base everything painted. That will be a dark day… I find painting relaxing and basing stressful.

Finally I went and purchased a couple of the next Conquest magazines. To be honest I will probably never use the miniatures but my little boy enjoys painting things from time to time. It saves me trying to find something for him to paint.

Three figures, six dice and a pot of paint, not to mention a cardboard battle mat for £4.99 isn’t a bad deal.

I only wish they would fasten the top down better…as I put the other one in my basket the top flew off and the contents flew all over the co-op. The people in the queue by the magazine stand helped me get everything back. It really is amazing how far a six sided dice can go on a tiled floor!

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