Sort of.

Still the basing to do but I am calling these done. A varnish is required but that can wait. I lightened up the green and the red so at least you can see where I have been this time.

If I were to do these again I would have sorted out the fur a bit better. These were all the same shade of grey, but with different coloured washes to change them a bit. I think I was a bit too rough and ready with the overpainting.

So what do I think of them… Great figures to swell the ranks of the Dark Tzar.

Next I think I will paint up the dwarves from the Schilling pack, either that or the winged hussars…. choices, choices… well that is a minimum choice, I have Ostarian cavalry, Ferach infantry and cavalry, orcs and more nasties from the Witchlands. That is what I can think of off the top of my head!

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