A smidge more tonight

Not that you can really tell 😱

Bits and pieces such as teeth, base coat on the musket woodwork and the gold and face on the vampire Officer.

Before I got these out of their box I was convinced that they were much further on than they actually were. Still a fair bit to go highlights on the uniform etc, claws and the bits that were chipped to heck when someone knocked them off the top shelf. Metalwork on the weapons needs doing too.

I knocked up a poster for this years games day. Quick and easy and hopefully bright enough to spot. I have still to do the leaflets to hand out on the day.

4 thoughts on “Return to the Witchlands Again

    1. We waited until you left 🤫. Thule gamers decided to run a day, this will be our fourth or possibly 5th this year. The club started about 10 years ago and has been going ever since. Thule gamers runs on a Thursday and caters for pretty much anything from RPG’s to historical. The Sunday club deals more with GW games and RPG’s
      Out of interest when did you leave?

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  1. That’s really good to hear. The closest thing we had was a craft shop in the Toll Clock, that sold GW stuff and had a table setup for Warhammer, we did do one tournament, that wood have been 95 or 96 but I think the hole thing only lasted a year. I left for uni in 99.


    1. Harry has taken over the GW range now as well as some of the WW2 stuff from Warlord Games. I moved up here in 2006, the club has been running since 2007 or 8 (I cant quite remember). We now play a fair mix of stuff from the card games, through RPG’s and onto historical, Sci fi and fantasy. If you are ever back this way we meet every Thursday in the Isleburgh 🙂


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