Ashigaru… Almost Done

I managed to get a bit more done on these tonight. they still have weapons and hands done but they are getting there.

Because I am lazy, all of the clothing is the same colour, but there are two distinct units of three bases each here. Can you spot them? Hopefully I will get them finished tomorrow.

Whilst mooching about in the shed I came across these chaps…

I had totally forgotten that they existed, I got them on the pre order. They came with metal hero miniatures too…

Goblin errr heroes?
Dwarf heroes!

I got these to play Dragon Rampant and never got around to sorting them out! Question is now what do I do with them???

Ashigaru…Making a Start

No printing for me today, but my daughter wants a mask making. Eleven and a half hours in it fell over! Luckily it only had a short time to go so the bit that fell over should be fixable. This thing is in four bits. It is a wolf mask that will be covered in fake fur. Not sure why she wants it, but I am being a nice dad.

So the Ashigaru are getting there slowly. Not much don’t tonight really, but I managed to get the skin done as well as starting on the armour. I am putting lots of different coloured armour on these as they can then be added to any force as well as being a bit more historically accurate .. yeah right because the samurai are in three blocks of three ready for their group armour colour!

I will hopefully crack on with these tomorrow.

On the weather front…It is snowing! Flipping freezing out there. To be fair it is only very light, almost the snow equivalent of mist. Still flipping freezing though!

Monks all finished

Tonight I pushed on and got these finished apart from the mounted archer who needs his hair painting. With these I decided that their robes were going to be different colours as opposed to just orange as they would look a bit samey.

I still have the Ashigaru to paint followed by the samurai but I do feel like I have made some more progress on these.

I will start on the Ashigaru tomorrow. Hopefully some progress will be made quickly on these.

Working on the Monks

I was hoping to get these finished tonight, but unfortunately one of the horses decided to walk through the electric fence so we had to go and get him then work out where the little bugger got through (we still haven’t) but in doing so my wife touched the fence and said it didn’t shock her. So we rested with the tester and it was working.

My children then decided they would test it themselves (even though we recommended that this was not a good idea). Eventually one did so and got zapped, much hilarity occurred, the second followed, more laughing and then my middle one, against all advice sat on the floor and touched it. Needless to say she won’t do that again. (Luckily no children were harmed in this evening of hysterical laughter).

It did mean we didn’t get in to watch the movie until 21.30.

Still a lot of white on these but I am getting there. To be fair the cowls are going to be white.. so less work than it looks 😉.

Still have the rest of the army to paint too, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow evening.

Work on the Samurai

Today I got the other Samurai sprayed today and let them dry outside.

For some reason the white undercoat is not covering the PLA on the sashimono. The grey covered well, but this is covering the miniatures well enough but not the plastic. Now with this set I only shook the can for a little while and took it out of the shed, so it might explain things if I hadn’t sprayed a couple of them yesterday. With those ones the can was warmed and shaken for ages and it still didn’t cover well. I gave those two a second coat today and it definitely helped.

With the lot above I think I will just paint them white with a brush, it will save my last can of white spray.

I also managed to get some painting done whilst chatting on Discord this evening. I decided to start with the monks and peasants, I would have got a bit further but my paints are spread between two boxes and I was having to paint in the kitchen with a box file on my knees.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow evening.

I Hate Sashimono

Today I decided to get the sashimonos stuck onto the samurai. I was originally going to put them the ashigaru too, but decided against it as it will allow them to be a part of a rebel force as well as allied to a Daimyo (not to mention the fact that I hate adding them).

This meant that I only needed to add them to 38 miniatures (luckily they didn’t fit on the samurai archers😉.

I managed to get 24 of them stuck on without many shenanigans. And then the next four took as long as the previous twenty four. Needless to say this made me somehow miffed!

I also managed to get the other half sprayed white.

Hopefully I will get the samurai sprayed white tomorrow and then make a start on painting the ones that I managed to get undercoated today.

I have decided to get rid of the Seraphon as to be honest I have fallen out of love with them. I have never played a game of Age if Sigmar so I. would need to buy and learn a new set of rules etc. There aren’t that many people who play it in the club too. Luckily one of the lads at the club said he was interested in buying them.

I did enjoy painting the ones I did, not to mention messing on with the printer to do those bits too. I was going to photograph everything for him tonight but unfortunately there has been a power cut.

Samurai Reinforcements

Tonight I didn’t get anything painted, but I managed to get all of the Tin Soldier samurai onto bases.

So from left to right we have:

Mounted monks

Foot monks


Foot Samurai

Samurai bow

In the front:

General on the bigger base and a subordinate on the smaller base.

As I had already got some miniatures painted. I will be able to make one more base of mounted monks and one of samurai archers.

Once these are all dried I will attempt to glue sashimono to them all. Wish me luck. Once that is done I will get them sprayed and ready to go. I am on a bit of a tight schedule as it is my mates birthday on 22nd May. I bought him some miniatures for Sengoku Monster Hunter from Alternative Armies. I got him the first couple of sets so that there is a bit of alternatives to what is hunted and who is doing the hunted. I said I would paint them up for him too hence the need for speed. I will also do him some terrain to go with them.

Cavalry Finished

Tonight I cracked on and got theses finished. Most of the time was spent painting the mon on the sashimono.

I am not sure if I like the one on the black. It is growing on me, but I may change it yet.

The whole force looks like this so far…

I am rather pleased with them. I still have the rest to paint, but this lot have sat there a good while. These will fit very nicely into Ann’s paint the shit you already own challenge. I got these when I was doing the Aztecs so at least six months ago.

Cavalry… Almost Finished

Yep, I just about got them finished tonight. Still some bits and pieces like metallics and hair etc. But the miniatures are almost done. Still a pile of mon to paint on the Sashimono but nearly, nearly done.

Tomorrow I should hopefully have them finished. Then onto the next lot. I never did get my sashimono printed as my good lady was preparing an education pack to do with Shetland boats. Sadly she was using the laptop with both Cura and the files on it. Tomorrow I should manage to get them sliced and give them a go in a block of ten I was thinking.

My son is getting very excited as I pre ordered Predator Hunting Grounds. He has been counting down the days. It’s a pity it is all online play and no single player campaign. It is a four on one game. Four humans against the Predator. Quite looking forward to it to be honest.

I printed off some boxes yesterday as well as more water buffalo and barrels today. Once I get hold of the laptop I will slice some of the wooden fencing and give that a test print.

More Samurai Cavalry

Well okay, it is technically the same Samurai Cavalry with more done to them.

Less and less white showing now. Still a fair old way to go, but broken the back of them now.

Tomorrow I will try and get them finished…I probably would have got more done this evening but my hair was really beginning to bug me as it was at the argggggh too long stage…. and as I couldn’t get to the barbers I took matters into my own hands….