I managed to get a bit more done on these tonight. they still have weapons and hands done but they are getting there.

Because I am lazy, all of the clothing is the same colour, but there are two distinct units of three bases each here. Can you spot them? Hopefully I will get them finished tomorrow.

Whilst mooching about in the shed I came across these chaps…

I had totally forgotten that they existed, I got them on the pre order. They came with metal hero miniatures too…

Goblin errr heroes?
Dwarf heroes!

I got these to play Dragon Rampant and never got around to sorting them out! Question is now what do I do with them???

10 thoughts on “Ashigaru… Almost Done

  1. Dreagon Rampant – I understand you can play it at quite a small warband size, so seems like a pretty good option.
    …or you could send them to me to go into the pile 😉

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