Today I got the other Samurai sprayed today and let them dry outside.

For some reason the white undercoat is not covering the PLA on the sashimono. The grey covered well, but this is covering the miniatures well enough but not the plastic. Now with this set I only shook the can for a little while and took it out of the shed, so it might explain things if I hadn’t sprayed a couple of them yesterday. With those ones the can was warmed and shaken for ages and it still didn’t cover well. I gave those two a second coat today and it definitely helped.

With the lot above I think I will just paint them white with a brush, it will save my last can of white spray.

I also managed to get some painting done whilst chatting on Discord this evening. I decided to start with the monks and peasants, I would have got a bit further but my paints are spread between two boxes and I was having to paint in the kitchen with a box file on my knees.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow evening.

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