Yep, I just about got them finished tonight. Still some bits and pieces like metallics and hair etc. But the miniatures are almost done. Still a pile of mon to paint on the Sashimono but nearly, nearly done.

Tomorrow I should hopefully have them finished. Then onto the next lot. I never did get my sashimono printed as my good lady was preparing an education pack to do with Shetland boats. Sadly she was using the laptop with both Cura and the files on it. Tomorrow I should manage to get them sliced and give them a go in a block of ten I was thinking.

My son is getting very excited as I pre ordered Predator Hunting Grounds. He has been counting down the days. It’s a pity it is all online play and no single player campaign. It is a four on one game. Four humans against the Predator. Quite looking forward to it to be honest.

I printed off some boxes yesterday as well as more water buffalo and barrels today. Once I get hold of the laptop I will slice some of the wooden fencing and give that a test print.

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