Today I decided to get the sashimonos stuck onto the samurai. I was originally going to put them the ashigaru too, but decided against it as it will allow them to be a part of a rebel force as well as allied to a Daimyo (not to mention the fact that I hate adding them).

This meant that I only needed to add them to 38 miniatures (luckily they didn’t fit on the samurai archers😉.

I managed to get 24 of them stuck on without many shenanigans. And then the next four took as long as the previous twenty four. Needless to say this made me somehow miffed!

I also managed to get the other half sprayed white.

Hopefully I will get the samurai sprayed white tomorrow and then make a start on painting the ones that I managed to get undercoated today.

I have decided to get rid of the Seraphon as to be honest I have fallen out of love with them. I have never played a game of Age if Sigmar so I. would need to buy and learn a new set of rules etc. There aren’t that many people who play it in the club too. Luckily one of the lads at the club said he was interested in buying them.

I did enjoy painting the ones I did, not to mention messing on with the printer to do those bits too. I was going to photograph everything for him tonight but unfortunately there has been a power cut.

8 thoughts on “I Hate Sashimono

  1. That does look like a bit of a chore but it is well-worth the effort as they’re really striking when they get painted up. While I loved seeing your lizardmen, if you don’t have many opponents and you have a buyer lined up, getting rid of them quickly is not a bad thing at all. I find selling miniatures or board games to be a bit of a pain so I’m glad you were able to move on so quickly and easily.

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