I was hoping to get these finished tonight, but unfortunately one of the horses decided to walk through the electric fence so we had to go and get him then work out where the little bugger got through (we still haven’t) but in doing so my wife touched the fence and said it didn’t shock her. So we rested with the tester and it was working.

My children then decided they would test it themselves (even though we recommended that this was not a good idea). Eventually one did so and got zapped, much hilarity occurred, the second followed, more laughing and then my middle one, against all advice sat on the floor and touched it. Needless to say she won’t do that again. (Luckily no children were harmed in this evening of hysterical laughter).

It did mean we didn’t get in to watch the movie until 21.30.

Still a lot of white on these but I am getting there. To be fair the cowls are going to be white.. so less work than it looks 😉.

Still have the rest of the army to paint too, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow evening.

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