No printing for me today, but my daughter wants a mask making. Eleven and a half hours in it fell over! Luckily it only had a short time to go so the bit that fell over should be fixable. This thing is in four bits. It is a wolf mask that will be covered in fake fur. Not sure why she wants it, but I am being a nice dad.

So the Ashigaru are getting there slowly. Not much don’t tonight really, but I managed to get the skin done as well as starting on the armour. I am putting lots of different coloured armour on these as they can then be added to any force as well as being a bit more historically accurate .. yeah right because the samurai are in three blocks of three ready for their group armour colour!

I will hopefully crack on with these tomorrow.

On the weather front…It is snowing! Flipping freezing out there. To be fair it is only very light, almost the snow equivalent of mist. Still flipping freezing though!

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