Tonight I didn’t get anything painted, but I managed to get all of the Tin Soldier samurai onto bases.

So from left to right we have:

Mounted monks

Foot monks


Foot Samurai

Samurai bow

In the front:

General on the bigger base and a subordinate on the smaller base.

As I had already got some miniatures painted. I will be able to make one more base of mounted monks and one of samurai archers.

Once these are all dried I will attempt to glue sashimono to them all. Wish me luck. Once that is done I will get them sprayed and ready to go. I am on a bit of a tight schedule as it is my mates birthday on 22nd May. I bought him some miniatures for Sengoku Monster Hunter from Alternative Armies. I got him the first couple of sets so that there is a bit of alternatives to what is hunted and who is doing the hunted. I said I would paint them up for him too hence the need for speed. I will also do him some terrain to go with them.

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