Cor blimey, I have been busy today, shopping, building, sawing, Printing, Painting and making dinner to name but a few.

Well as you know I do like my 6mm Samurai and 3DAlien World’s has produced a very nice temple building. It came out today so I just had to get it. In 28mm it would be huge, in fact the Ender would only take one base bit at a time, luckily I was going 6mm. So I built bits in 3D Builder first and then reduced them down to 24% the base is printing right now, but the walls came off really nicely…

Unfortunately I don’t think I am going to be able to pre build the roof, but I will most definitely give it a go.

I also got the Trewell Common buildings finished too..

Now you may notice that the photo was taken on a different surface… this is because I now have a dedicated painting place I; the lounge…

This pretty much can store most of my paints miniatures and other bits and pieces. I tried it out this evening and did some more on the Cultists…

I also did some work on the conservatory. We are putting down decking as a different kind of flooring and to cut a long story short…short being quite appropriate here….

I swore….lots!

80cm short! It comes in 4.8m lengths… hopefully there will be a knackered piece that I can get cheap… wish me luck!

12 thoughts on “Building, Printing and Painting

  1. I feel your pain! It looks like I am going to be about 2 batts short of insulation, and they come in packs of 14. -_- Hoping to lay my hands on someone else’s left overs.
    (I really like that desk set up! I have always wanted a table like that, and this is a great use of one! Dad would never fit all his modelling stuff in one of those, but something like that would totally do for my painting needs…food for thought!)

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  2. Brilliant Painting station mate Steve, its about the same size as I have now in the new place! I really had to discipline myself this time as I still have a shed for the Dio work!

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  3. I like the painting set up I also have a bureaux for painting so I can close it and keep the area looking clean… Needles to say its currently to mess to shut!
    That is a bit annoying on the decking, hope you find an off cut!

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