21 Hours in…

So it has been printing for 21 hours now and it is a bloody mess. Some major fault lines part way through the build. The only thing I can think of is that overnight the ambient temperature in the shed dropped significantly causing the layers to not bond properly the bottom few and upper ones are fine, just the middle bits over night.

I might be able to save it with a Greenstuff skin over the worst bits, but part of me thinks it is going to be a waste of time.

Bugger… or words to that effect!

It comes off in an hour and I will see what kind of a mess it is when I get the supports off.

The tail that I printed is as tall as this, but had no problems at all. It has either had a partial clog that has pushed through or it is a temperature thing. If I restart when it comes off, I can increase the temperature of the nozzle overnight. Hopefully that will sort it out…

No problems with the tail.

Nine and a Half Hours In…

Printer still chuntering away out there.

Still twelve hours or so to go… this might be the longest print I have done so far.

Tune in tomorrow to see where we have got to.

It has definitely moved on from this…..

Kroxigor Force Assemled

Today I cleared off all of supports on the various Kroxigor.

Quite a force!

This is what the waste pile looks like from five of them…

I need to work out how to reduce the raft size and try some different supports. These were a bugger to get off. One of them actually pulled a foot off one of the earlier prints when it came away.

The other thing I did was to ‘design’ and print some other weapon heads.

The two bladed ones used the original weapon head base as seen in the foreground. The knife blade came from the goddess of War statue that I had printed ages ago. I removed the hand in 3D builder and added it to the weapon base. It did start off looking like the one with the spike, but the support took one of the prongs with it. It looked weird with just one of them so I snipped off.

The big Beasty torso is printing right now. I will have to wait until tomorrow to see it finished.

One hour in… 22 left to go!

I might actually have to paint something this evening 😱

Off the Printer… Tails and Armour

Today I printed off the armoured Kroxigor. He took over 4 hours to print, I couldn’t work out why he took an hour longer until I put him next the the rest. Originally I thought it was because of all of the spikes etc. But it was because he is about 25% bigger.

He is rather nice. Problem I had was that there was a lot of stringing. More than the other ones done at 216.

The other thing I did was to print the Dread Saurian tail.

I am really pleased with it. Touch wood that the temperature is spot on and the printer is dialled in properly too. Tomorrow I take off the remains of the filament spool and add a brand new one. The reason for the new one is a 22 hour print for the body of the big Beasty.

I also spent a bit of time this evening designing a few different weapon heads in 3D builder. I thought it would be a quick way to make the Kroxigor look a bit different. I still intend to add bits and bobs to their heads in Greenstuff. There are bits and pieces in the Seraphon box as well that can be added.

I gave some new filament a go today…it’s called cotton soft… came out a treat. I may be breaching copyright, but it is for personal use and not for sale.

Apologies for the mess around the printer!

Off the Printer… Success?

I decided to print the head crest (or whatever you call it) again. I believe I will not need any Greenstuff on this one… I hope!

For clarity, the wavy fault line is the support. The piece looks and feels solid. I am going to print off the armoured Kroxigor tomorrow and then will make a start on the dread Saurian. Tail first, then the torso. According to Cura the torso will take 22 hours to print! Hence the reason for wanting to get the thing dialled in properly…

Speaking of the Big Beasty… I found rules for one on the Forgeworld site. Not sure how many points one costs, but at least I found something!

Another 5 days before I can escape incarceration. Not much fun having to work from home when you aren’t exactly poorly, but are not exactly well.

Luckily the printer only needs a button pressing to achieve something 😉

Off the Printer… Fingers Crossed

So last night I changed the temperature half way through a print and had no issues. So I did another print with the temperature up to 216 instead of the 200 it had been at.

It seemed a bit high as it was bobbling and stringing, so I am printing another one at 210 to see what that is like.

I have actually lost count on how many of these I have printed! I think with the one on the build plate then I have got seven useable ones, nope I just counted and I have eight useable ones. I will print off one of the armoured ones to act as a leader.

Okay I got them all out!

These nine plus one more… I think I got carried away!

As I have so many I am going to add various bits and bobs added to them with Greenstuff, this will make the same ones a bit different. I am going to change some of the weapons to add variation too.

I will wait until I open the new roll of filament before going for the Dread Saurian print. To be honest part of me is tempted to redo the head crest as it looks a bit naff with the Greenstuff filling the gaps.

Arggghhh and Words to that Effect


So now we have fault lines at the middle and the bottom. I am now convinced a secret society is involved here! I am printing a different one out just now And it seems to have a fault line at roughly the same place as the one above. It will be interesting to see what happens near the middle.

The one above has now been glued back together and once it has dried I will get to work with some Greenstuff. This should strengthen the joint as well as hopefully hide it. I am going to add a crest or something to the head to strengthen that too as I don’t want his snout falling off after he has been painted.

The big leech below had exactly the same problem as these Kroxigor. There is a fault roughly in line with the middle miniature’s Head. Now it did have some under extrusion issues. But it is at roughly the same height as the Kroxigor above. It may be a total coincidence though. The fact that the rest of the model is rock solid is what is causing the headache!

Having done a bit of thinking, I went and checked the nozzle temperature. It was set at 200 c. Now it might not be that, but I have cranked it up to 215 part way through.

My plan therefore is to print another one at 215 and see if that makes a difference.

Printer Woes… Again

After two pretty much fine prints I woke up to this this morning.


The far leg had actually snapped off… I am not sure how, but the supports had built up around it so I couldn’t see where the weird bit lying on the build plate had come from.

I started another print and gave up after about an hour as there were chasms that would lead to a major failure if it carried on. Interestingly the gaps were in a totally different place on this one to the other one above.

Even bigger bugger!

The first few layers are rock solid and in the first one above they are rock solid after the fault lines. It seems to be intermittent under extrusion, which is a bugger to find out the reason as it normally happens at a random point and time. I decided to give it another go. I tightened some things and loosened others, pushed the Bowden tube in as well as pulled the filament out to look at that. It has a slight bulge at the end but nothing huge.

I had a look at the raft and it has some under extrusion lines in it too… Once again I am back to the flummoxed stage.

I did wonder if Cura was having an issue, but as it has had problems at different heights then I don’t think so, yesterday’s rafts looked fine too.

If this one fails, then I will get the nozzle off and make sure that isn’t blocked like last time.

I have ordered another couple of rolls of this colour as it works and the colour is easy to photograph.

I have now developed flu like symptoms, nothing major but everything aches and I generally feel crap. On the up side I don’t have to worry about catching Corona any more as I think I have it! From where and from whom the family caught it is unknown.

The first minister of Scotland is going to give a statement on Education at 14.00. I reckon they will shut schools across the country. Whether it is a holiday or a just shut remains to be seen. We have one more week until the Easter break after this one. We shut ours due to operational reasons, 750 pupils and over 50 staff were off last week. We cannot get supply staff for love nor money so we couldn’t stay open.

Off the Printer II

Today I didn’t fancy painting anything as although the cough is intermittent I have begun to feel a bit fluey and under the weather.

So instead I hit print a couple of times. One on Kroxigor 2 and the other on Kroxigor 3.

You may notice a definite similarity between the two. I have either printed number two twice in error or somehow I sliced the same thing twice and renamed them. It is more likely the first option as I only changed the first part of the file name when it came off Cura.

They don’t look too bad when they are cleaned up a bit 😉

What I think I will do is print off the head of the armoured version and add it to the second one of these. I will also make a ball of Greenstuff and give him a big spiked mace or something similar. That way at least they will look a bit different.

Interestingly neither of these are showing the fault lines that appeared on the longer prints. They have definitely gone higher than where the fault lines were…

No evidence of cracks on the Kroxigor!

I am having an early bed tonight as I do feel a bit wibbly. Nothing to worry myself about, just a bit pants. I managed to get some stuff done from home. But just before finishing Webmail decided to die on me and is not playing any more. On the upside if I do feel crap tomorrow I can legitimately say Sod it and not do anything until I feel better.

Wow look at me trying to see the silver linings in things!

Look What Came…

Cor, that is a first…starting with a picture…

Anyway the battle tome has arrived…It can be added to my collection…

Left 2008, middle 2020 and right 2003

It is a pretty book, but as I haven’t played AOS before then most of it means nothing to me. Now I know I am being hyper critical here and in no way want to have a dig at the artist in any way, shape or form, but I actually prefer the older cover illustrations. Ditto with some of the internal artwork.

I feel there is a subtle wrongness with them. Now it may be nostalgia talking here as I have read the other ones so many times… this is one of my favourites Illustrations from the 2003 book…

There is a similar composition lizards against a foe. In the colour lizards surrounding Chaos forces and in the other lizards surrounding humans. As I said it is nothing major just a feeling of wrongness that I cant put words to or give a reason why.

As for the rest of the book they have the usual painting ideas and pretty pictures of the various models…

There is also a bit of background fluff as well as the various groupings known as constellations. Each one has a different way of fighting, some have gazillions of skinks in the shadowstrike host and others have a more solid battle line the Sunclaw host. (Speed reading so might be talking cobblers here ).

There seem to be factions too. Each one being different to the others. Some are really magic heavy and others are more primal.

I will have a good and proper read later on and report back.

The one thing that is totally missing (or I have missed it) is the dread Saurian. GW make one in resin so there must be rules for it somewhere. I have seen videos on YouTube too referencing it… looks like a bit of googling is in order later on too.

I have set the printer away on another Kroxigor to see if it has the same fault lines as the bigger stuff.