I decided to print the head crest (or whatever you call it) again. I believe I will not need any Greenstuff on this one… I hope!

For clarity, the wavy fault line is the support. The piece looks and feels solid. I am going to print off the armoured Kroxigor tomorrow and then will make a start on the dread Saurian. Tail first, then the torso. According to Cura the torso will take 22 hours to print! Hence the reason for wanting to get the thing dialled in properly…

Speaking of the Big Beasty… I found rules for one on the Forgeworld site. Not sure how many points one costs, but at least I found something!

Another 5 days before I can escape incarceration. Not much fun having to work from home when you aren’t exactly poorly, but are not exactly well.

Luckily the printer only needs a button pressing to achieve something 😉

8 thoughts on “Off the Printer… Success?

  1. I second what Ann says. It is impressive how much printing you’re doing but I’m more glad to hear you seem to be stable and possibly even on the road to recovery. Keep getting rest and I hope you’re back on your feet soon!


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