So now we have fault lines at the middle and the bottom. I am now convinced a secret society is involved here! I am printing a different one out just now And it seems to have a fault line at roughly the same place as the one above. It will be interesting to see what happens near the middle.

The one above has now been glued back together and once it has dried I will get to work with some Greenstuff. This should strengthen the joint as well as hopefully hide it. I am going to add a crest or something to the head to strengthen that too as I don’t want his snout falling off after he has been painted.

The big leech below had exactly the same problem as these Kroxigor. There is a fault roughly in line with the middle miniature’s Head. Now it did have some under extrusion issues. But it is at roughly the same height as the Kroxigor above. It may be a total coincidence though. The fact that the rest of the model is rock solid is what is causing the headache!

Having done a bit of thinking, I went and checked the nozzle temperature. It was set at 200 c. Now it might not be that, but I have cranked it up to 215 part way through.

My plan therefore is to print another one at 215 and see if that makes a difference.

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