Today I printed off the armoured Kroxigor. He took over 4 hours to print, I couldn’t work out why he took an hour longer until I put him next the the rest. Originally I thought it was because of all of the spikes etc. But it was because he is about 25% bigger.

He is rather nice. Problem I had was that there was a lot of stringing. More than the other ones done at 216.

The other thing I did was to print the Dread Saurian tail.

I am really pleased with it. Touch wood that the temperature is spot on and the printer is dialled in properly too. Tomorrow I take off the remains of the filament spool and add a brand new one. The reason for the new one is a 22 hour print for the body of the big Beasty.

I also spent a bit of time this evening designing a few different weapon heads in 3D builder. I thought it would be a quick way to make the Kroxigor look a bit different. I still intend to add bits and bobs to their heads in Greenstuff. There are bits and pieces in the Seraphon box as well that can be added.

I gave some new filament a go today…it’s called cotton soft… came out a treat. I may be breaching copyright, but it is for personal use and not for sale.

Apologies for the mess around the printer!

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