So last night I changed the temperature half way through a print and had no issues. So I did another print with the temperature up to 216 instead of the 200 it had been at.

It seemed a bit high as it was bobbling and stringing, so I am printing another one at 210 to see what that is like.

I have actually lost count on how many of these I have printed! I think with the one on the build plate then I have got seven useable ones, nope I just counted and I have eight useable ones. I will print off one of the armoured ones to act as a leader.

Okay I got them all out!

These nine plus one more… I think I got carried away!

As I have so many I am going to add various bits and bobs added to them with Greenstuff, this will make the same ones a bit different. I am going to change some of the weapons to add variation too.

I will wait until I open the new roll of filament before going for the Dread Saurian print. To be honest part of me is tempted to redo the head crest as it looks a bit naff with the Greenstuff filling the gaps.

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