Today I didn’t fancy painting anything as although the cough is intermittent I have begun to feel a bit fluey and under the weather.

So instead I hit print a couple of times. One on Kroxigor 2 and the other on Kroxigor 3.

You may notice a definite similarity between the two. I have either printed number two twice in error or somehow I sliced the same thing twice and renamed them. It is more likely the first option as I only changed the first part of the file name when it came off Cura.

They don’t look too bad when they are cleaned up a bit 😉

What I think I will do is print off the head of the armoured version and add it to the second one of these. I will also make a ball of Greenstuff and give him a big spiked mace or something similar. That way at least they will look a bit different.

Interestingly neither of these are showing the fault lines that appeared on the longer prints. They have definitely gone higher than where the fault lines were…

No evidence of cracks on the Kroxigor!

I am having an early bed tonight as I do feel a bit wibbly. Nothing to worry myself about, just a bit pants. I managed to get some stuff done from home. But just before finishing Webmail decided to die on me and is not playing any more. On the upside if I do feel crap tomorrow I can legitimately say Sod it and not do anything until I feel better.

Wow look at me trying to see the silver linings in things!

6 thoughts on “Off the Printer II

    1. Sadly, I just had two failed prints in a row. I am not sure why, but they start off great, have a wobbler and then are great from then upwards. I have loosened bits and tightened other bits, checked the filament and am giving it another go.

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  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon and that if it does turn out to have been the Coronavirus you have some immunity and can then relax a little for awhile. Hope the family is taking a turn for the better as well!


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