Today I cleared off all of supports on the various Kroxigor.

Quite a force!

This is what the waste pile looks like from five of them…

I need to work out how to reduce the raft size and try some different supports. These were a bugger to get off. One of them actually pulled a foot off one of the earlier prints when it came away.

The other thing I did was to ‘design’ and print some other weapon heads.

The two bladed ones used the original weapon head base as seen in the foreground. The knife blade came from the goddess of War statue that I had printed ages ago. I removed the hand in 3D builder and added it to the weapon base. It did start off looking like the one with the spike, but the support took one of the prongs with it. It looked weird with just one of them so I snipped off.

The big Beasty torso is printing right now. I will have to wait until tomorrow to see it finished.

One hour in… 22 left to go!

I might actually have to paint something this evening 😱

10 thoughts on “Kroxigor Force Assemled

  1. Those crocs look great all together! It really is amazing what a 3D printer can do and I hope you enjoy painting tonight. Its great to hear you’re feeling better as well!

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    1. I am really pleased with the printer, I just find it so cool that I can print what I want.
      It’s like the big Beasty. Okay in total it will have taken well over 30 hours to get it printed, but it will save over £150… so time over money.

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  2. To reduce the number layers in your brims and rafts, go to the CUSTOM page on PRINT SETUP in Cura, it’s buried in the there. If you hover over the support check box, it will show you all the support types available and their impact on filament usage and strength.
    You can always turn on expirment stuff in the custom settings and there is a support called TREE. It take forever to slice, but it uses less filament and sticks to the model at less points.
    Lastly you can set the overhang angle witch gets supports.
    All of this is drive from the CUSTOM page.

    Oh, and the new miniatures are looking great!

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