Cor, that is a first…starting with a picture…

Anyway the battle tome has arrived…It can be added to my collection…

Left 2008, middle 2020 and right 2003

It is a pretty book, but as I haven’t played AOS before then most of it means nothing to me. Now I know I am being hyper critical here and in no way want to have a dig at the artist in any way, shape or form, but I actually prefer the older cover illustrations. Ditto with some of the internal artwork.

I feel there is a subtle wrongness with them. Now it may be nostalgia talking here as I have read the other ones so many times… this is one of my favourites Illustrations from the 2003 book…

There is a similar composition lizards against a foe. In the colour lizards surrounding Chaos forces and in the other lizards surrounding humans. As I said it is nothing major just a feeling of wrongness that I cant put words to or give a reason why.

As for the rest of the book they have the usual painting ideas and pretty pictures of the various models…

There is also a bit of background fluff as well as the various groupings known as constellations. Each one has a different way of fighting, some have gazillions of skinks in the shadowstrike host and others have a more solid battle line the Sunclaw host. (Speed reading so might be talking cobblers here ).

There seem to be factions too. Each one being different to the others. Some are really magic heavy and others are more primal.

I will have a good and proper read later on and report back.

The one thing that is totally missing (or I have missed it) is the dread Saurian. GW make one in resin so there must be rules for it somewhere. I have seen videos on YouTube too referencing it… looks like a bit of googling is in order later on too.

I have set the printer away on another Kroxigor to see if it has the same fault lines as the bigger stuff.

10 thoughts on “Look What Came…

  1. From the artwork I’ve seen there isn’t the dirty, gritty sense of adventure and menace that a lot of the older art from stuff like this had. It is a lot more polished now, perhaps sanitized. I was going to write “lost a certain spark,” but I think I’m going to say it is just different now and that I too have a certain nostalgia for the older stuff.

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      1. Another thing, at least for me now that I think about this, is that a lot of the older work felt like that while there may or may not be good or bad guys, the focus was more on Adventure, where a lot of the newer fantasy art seems like the focus is on Heroes and Good vs. Evil.

        Both are equally valid, but I grew up with Adventure and much like popular music, one often likes that the best that was big or at least caught one’s eye from ages 16 – 22 or so. 🙂

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  2. I agree on the old art and designs. The new artwork is not bad but I agree that the art and personality that the old books used to have just isn’t there like it used to be. I think that is why I’ve not been very interested in either Warhammer since getting back into the hobby. Regardless, I hope you enjoy reading your new book!

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    1. I love Lizardmen as a concept and as an army. I mean Aztec Lizards riding dinosaurs then who wouldn’t. I used to enjoy the fluff around the original idea. I am not sure about them now being space fantasy lizards. Mine are going to be the coalesced.. they have been on the planet for a long time and are more earthbound than astral projections.

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      1. I didn’t realize they had changed the concept of them so much. The thought of any army being astral projections seems crazy to me too. I don’t know a lot of about AoS’s lore but most of what I have heard is disappointing like what you described here. I’m sure the game plays great and is a lot of fun however 🙂


      2. There is a bit that said when they died they didn’t bleed but shed pure starlight. The basic idea was when the world collapsed the temple cities seemed to have been space ships that took off and then went into space. And floated around for a couple of hundred years. Some returned and landed, becoming. Ground based cities again and others stay in space and the troops are teleported in.

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      3. That’s a bit more interesting than I thought it would be and helps explain the space connection better. Still prefer the Aztec thing but that doesn’t sound quite as terrible as I originally thought 🙂


  3. It’s like an episode of Ancient Aliens haha! Happy reading, looking forward to seeing more info from you on the army. I’ve got a ‘Seraphon’ force that I keep meaning to get back to, but soooo many projects!

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